Thursday, January 13, 2011

WOW - Submission is better than Permission

Just an apology to start for such a lapse in posts. Things have been very exciting & busy. The Lord is definitely doing a work. Always thought the saying, "Its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" was cute. Well, the Lord convicted me of it & its not easier nor is it His way. His way is submission. If we are following the Lord, seeking His direction & willingly submitting to Him asking for someone else to forgive us will not be an issue & if it is, it won't be difficult because you will feel so convicted until you did that relief/peace will fill you. We have experienced some amazing thing so far this year & we're not 15 days into the new year. THIS EXCITES ME! I am ready for what the Lord has for us! Have to say that as He is speaking & doing new things that I have been a little scared - ONLY because its so new & different. I have actually been praying that the Lord will help me stay out of the way of what He's doing. Whatever that may be. These changes also let me know that the scripture verse I chose was perfect for me. God has met me more than halfway and freed me from my anxious fears! Not ready to reveal any of the details of the things going on yet. Waiting on his timing to share and it may have to be a series of posts. Praying for God's favour & blessings in your lives & that you can hear the still, small whispers of the Lord because He is always speaking! Have a GREAT Friday everyone! Love y'all!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wednesdays & Church - I Love 'em!

Can I just say that I love Wednesday night services! It is good to be able to fellowship, praise, worship, pray & learn with fellow believers. Sometimes it just feels good to be with like minded believers. We are going thru a learning, stretching, growing phase & personally - I LOVE IT! We are on a 21 day journey & it is amazing how the Lord has spoken to me about me, my husband & my family. There are exciting things in store for us in 2011 - God is doing a new thing - a GREAT & WONDERFUL thing. He is going to receive more glory, praise & honor! We started this journey on 1/3/11 (even though he has been preparing us for months). In just 2 days He has done a work. I am not surprised but then again I am. The abundance of what He is doing will lead to more rewards than I ever thought possible. He will do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ask or think! THANK YOU LORD for your faithfulness, grace, mercy, love & patience with us. I'm excited about how you will use us for your kingdom. Allow us to continue to listen to your direction, follow obediently & quickly. Help us to continue willingly on the potters wheel as you mold & make us into your servants. Great day, great night, visions galore. Excuse me while I put these new ones on paper. Love y'all

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

School is Back in Session

Today marks the beginning of school back in session. I am not one of those parents that enjoys this day. As a matter of fact, I seriously DISLIKE it. Sure my (precious - cough, cough) son Douglas can be quite a handful at times but I would rather have him home spending time with me! Sure he needs to learn & all that - blah, blah, blah..... I just truly enjoy him. He likes to make me laugh & sometimes doesn't have to try very hard for that to happen. I miss the days when his sister, Kirsten was here with us. And to go back even farther his big brother, Joseph. And he does too! But we are all going in different directions, spreading our wings & trying to fly, so things must go on. It was quite an eventful start to our day. We were right on schedule (which chould have been a clue of pending problems). Of course Douglas had to make me laugh this morning. Unfortunately he was not trying. He was eating breakfast before we had to leave. I was starting laundry, already had the truck warming up, packed with my supplies for work, my purse, daytimer & his backpack. Then all of the sudden I hear, MMMOOOMMMMMMAAA! I knew things had taken a bad turn. I ran into the kitchen to find that Douglas' cereal bowl for some strange reason had decided that Doug's lap would be a better place than the table to reside! Needless to say, I was trying not to laugh but not successful at it! Still, chuckling now when I think of it again. To Douglas' defense, his arm is in a cast. Well, this little incident changed us being right on schedule. Douglas was tardy. But the alternative was for him to wear milk saturated blue jeans. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! Douglas had a good day in spite of how it started. Thank you Lord.
We are back on track with school. The reading was done, learned our spelling words, science key terms homework done, tests marked on calendar & all before 7:00pm - THIS IS A RECORD! Only because of no math, english, social studies or vocabulary homework! Thank you to those teachers for cutting a Momma some slack tonight. Not looking forward to report cards coming home this week. Douglas is a very good student with a little push (shove) from me to study. Usually it doesn't take long once he trys but sometimes getting to that place is a difficult road to travel. He's a boy. He doesn't want to study. Its not in their nature. He wants to be playing outside, inside or upside down! And to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way. Sometimes they just need to be children. Not children being forced to act like & make adult decisions! OK, I will step down off my soapbox - SORRY - its a pet peeve.
As today draws to end & the house is quiet, I am thankful that today is over & tomorrow will bring new & exciting things for us. For one, tomorrow is Wednesday & church. I enjoy being with fellow believers. The Lord has been working in our family, speaking to us individually but also together (with the same message). Anticipation & Excitement are overflowing but with a calm, peaceful reassurance that I'm not sure that I have felt before. Its really cool. My scripture verse of Psalms 34:4 is really helping. Thank you Lord for the works you are doing! Well friends, my bed, pillow & blanker are calling & I'm ready to answer. Sweet, Restful Dreams! Love y'all - Good Night

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello 2011

Well friends, I'M BACK! Yes, after over a years absence on this blog - I'm back! Sometimes the Lord takes you away from things for a time of reflection. OR Life happens & you get sidetracked from the things that you love. I love writing. I enjoy putting my thoughts on paper, so to speak. I am much better at that than trying to have a conversation. Usually because when writing you can go back over & edit or rearrange things - not so much in conversations. Many of us would stay out of trouble if we could edit or rearrange the conversations we have. Just an observation from my own experiences.
I am extremely excited about what 2011 holds for my family. We have been praying & seeking the Lord for the past two months regarding changes that we feel need to be made. Things for 2011 look very positive & with the Lord's guidance, changes will take place that will benefit our family. I am in the process of writing down these changes, my personal ones, along with the family ones. Its amazing to look back over the ones from previous years & see how far we've come or how short we fell. This year to try to avoid the shortcomings, we have prayed about these changes & are believing that the Lord has led us to the goals that we have. Going to start a 21 day period of prayer over these specific changes & see where the Lord leads. It may be to keep them, change them or start over completely! Either way, we want the Lord to be in it - whatever it is or turns out to be.
The year 2010 was very full of stuff. Stuff is the only word that will begin to cover it all. It had highs & lows, as all years do. It seemed to have much more stress & difficulties. I'm not sure if that is due to the way our world is, our mindset or being tired. I say tired because some of the things we dealt with (or are still dealing with) relate back to unresolved issues regarding previous errors in judgement. I'm sure none of you have had any of those! LOL The Lord has definitely strengthened our love for one another & Him during these times. But in saying that I feel that we have fallen short in sharing how faithful the Lord has been to us. He has provided words of knowledge, answered prayers, healings, blessings & favor. So this year we have resolved to share more of what the Lord is doing in our lives. Not because it is about us - but about HIS FAITHFUL POWER & LOVE & so that He can recieve all honor & glory!
Today starts the beginning of a wonderful NEW journey with the Lord for our family. There is so much anticipation as we walk down a new road of faith/glory with the Lord. He will take us (as His word says) from glory to glory. I will try to be more diligent in keeping everyone updated on how this journey unfolds. So sit back & enjoy our ride together because the Lord has great things in store for us. As His will unfolds in our lives, we pray that it will be a blessing for you. Love y'all!

Psalm 34:4 - I sought the Lord, and He answered me; He delivered me from all my fears. (NIV)
Psalm 34:4 - God met me more than halfway, He freed me from my anxious fears. (MSG)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Don't go to the ballpark!!!!

Sorry for the delay in posts! Things have been hectic in our world, i.e.-graduation, senior things, softball, baseball, school, work & etc. But on to this post.

DON'T GO TO THE BALLPARK!!!!!!!! If you don't want to see smoking at a public park, don't go! If you don't want to hear foul language, don't go! If you don't want to see your family, friends, fellow christians sacrifice their witness, DON'T GO!!!!!! I love baseball & several other sports but I continue to be amazed every year when I go to sporting events! It appears to me that once people get there or maybe even on the way to the event --- their brains fall out of their heads!!! Sporting events bring out the worst in people!?!?!?!? WHY???? Maybe I'm to logical but I don't understand it. People want to hurt other people that normally they get along with or are at least cordial to. Sporting events cause someone you think is normal to act like a TOTAL MORON or WORSE!!!!! And people instigate problems, i.e. making smart comments (I guess to make them look cute) NEWSFLASH: It just makes you look like a bigger IDIOT!!!!! They scream at umpires, referees, other coaches, even parents screaming at other parents! Does this not sound pathetic???? IT'S JUST A BALLGAME!!!!!!
Here's how I look at it: The umpires, referees are human & they will make bad calls! (Hopefully if they are prejudice against one team or the other, the person in charge of the park/event will do their job & fix it------I am aware that this is not usually the case!) If they don't you have to move on!!!!! Winning at all costs is UNACCEPTABLE! It needs to be a fair win or its not really a win!! (Think about it for a moment!) Coaches want their team to shine not only for the players but for themselves too! (OUCH!!!-a little selfish-yes but they have put their time & effort into it, so some of that is acceptable!) Its just that it becomes an obession! I understand men/boys are competitive but when did being competitive mean being stupid?????? The thing that most people need to realize is when you act like your world (marriage, spouse, children, health, home, job, cars or etc.) hinges on the outcome of a ballgame you have lost ALL PERSPECTIVE!!!!!!!!!! If your marriage were falling apart, if you, your spouse, your children, your parents or another loved one were dying......would that INSIGNIFICANT sporting event even matter.....would you even give it a second thought! OR Would you be so thankful, grateful, and appreciative of every moment that is left??????

For Heaven's Sake: SEE THE BIGGER PICTURE!!!! IT'S JUST A GAME!!! By the way, isn't it supposed to be fun. According to Webster's the definition of game is amusement, play. Well, the players are playing & the rest of you are REALLY AMUSING!

Does sportsmanship not play a role in organized sports any more??? Let me refresh everyone's memory on the definition of sportsmanship. Sportsmanship: fair play, respect for opponents, & gracious behavior in winning or losing. Maybe that definition needs to be posted on a sign at all parks or stadiums? The sad part it would probably be ignored just like the existing signs.

Your on display every day. Your testimony is out there whether you realize it or not. What is it saying about you??????? HMMMM!

OK I will step down from my soapbox now. I do hope this was eye opening for some of you or at least makes you stop & think about the people around you - especially at sporting events! I would ask that you pray for them & for yourself that these events don't cause you or anyone else to sacrifice their witness. We are called to be different. A light to a dark & dying world. Just something to think about! Love y'all!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How Is Your Tuesday?

Today is Tuesday & I'm trying to catch up on everything that has fallen by the wayside due to other more important things (i.e. time w/HD, sick children, plant sale, work, meals, medicines & etc.)! Laundry is a never ending battle!!! I know that y'all can relate!! I vow (with HD's help) to be victorious over it every day! FYI - I hate stinky dirty clothes! Dirty dishes need to go in the dishwasher! Floors need to be vaccumed &/or mopped. Furniture needs to be dusted & polished. But guess what? Most of those things won't get done today!! Not a good thing or bad thing-just reality! Gary is working 12-14 hours a day all this week (INVENTORY)! I will be working, ball games & practice (maybe-weather permitting), groceries, meals (two down & one to go), beds to make, 5 dogs to handle, & follow-up on several misc items! The GREAT thing about today even though I won't get everything done today that needs to be done---------HD LOVES ME!!! He sees my efforts, knows my heart & I spent time with him this morning. He gave me peace to start my day!!! He doesn't want me to stress or have anxiety over all the things that need to be accomplished today! Enjoy the day, EVEN THE RAIN or STORMS! The storms today are similar to the ones we face in life. You can sit back & watch. You can allow HD to give you strength by walking through them. OR You can be anxious & stress yourself & everyone around you out over them? Enjoy today --- ALL of it! Let me know how Tuesday turns out for you! Love to y'all! Joannie

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Explanation of Absence

Hey Friends!
Its been a Roller Coaster at our house recently. This information is explained in detail on my other blog: Catch up on the Spates family & our recent struggles. The good news is that HD has not given up on us & we are having our faith stretched as we grow & experience new things to share with others later on. Be back regularly soon--maybe after Spring Break! Enjoy this awesome weather & play outdoors, plant things & soak up some rays for us!!! Love to y'all! Joannie